The garden represents the soul of the restaurant, where our chefs are inspired by what’s ready to harvest. More than 40 edible plants – including leafy vegetables, berries, herbs and fruit –appear on our menu at any one time. Because we pick ingredients in their prime, our menu changes as often as the weather in which they’re grown.

Our quarter-acre kitchen garden is tended by Gino Pompeo, a local who is most at home tending the fruits of the earth. The shallots and lettuce, broccoli, rhubarb and spinach are picked daily, alongside an abundance of herbs that flavour our dishes. The buckets of produce being delivered to the kitchen herald the changing seasons: from artichokes and pumpkins in winter through to the fresh greens of spring and the 5 varieties of tomatoes in autumn, along with all imaginable seasonal produce. The greenhouse is used to propagate seeds for the next season, while the fruit trees surrounding the garden provide an abundance of citrus and stone fruits for the menu. Our diners enjoy only the freshest ingredients, from garden to kitchen to plate.

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